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Make Performance a Priority

Taskworld - Check your Team Performing

Keep a track of all your colleagues on a task-to-task basis and provide them with feedback on their performance with measurable metrics. Taskworld allows you to provide high velocity feedback, it is not just your average To-Do List app.

  • Keep track of your own performance with your Dashboard
  • Provide colleagues with instant feedback and performance ratings
  • View project metrics to see how your projects are progressing
  • Base your feedback on measurable metrics to ensure transparency
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Total Control in Collaboration

Taskworld - Make Collaboration Simple

Taskworld consolidates collaboration so that teams work effectively. Prevent tasks from falling through the cracks by having your documents, comments, dates and assignments all in one place. Don't waste time looking for what you need.

  • Manage multiple tasks and projects at the same time
  • Collaborate across the office, across departments and even across time zones
  • Make teamwork simple and accessible
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Manage your tasks and stay on top of things

Taskworld - Create Projects

Create projects consisting of multiple tasks. Keep a track of team members' contribution to projects with project metrics.

  • Simplify complex projects by breaking down workflows
  • Keep track of individual tasks within projects
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Taskworld - Create Sub Tasks

Taskworld consolidates collaboration so that teams work effectively and less tasks fall through the cracks. With documents, comments, dates and assignments in one place, members never waste time looking for what they need.

  • Assign and manage tasks seamlessly
  • Stay on schedule and keep up with deadlines
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Taskworld - Create Tasks

Create related subtasks to further simplify tasks. Ensure that all bases are covered and that the right person is doing the job.

  • Simplify tasks by breaking them down into subtasks
  • Improve communication by allowing everyone involved to contribute
  • Create accountability by issuing responsibility formally
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Taskworld: The Perfect Tool for Modern Managers

Taskworld is a full-feature online collaboration platform used by thousands of users from 118 countries to manage their tasks and projects on a daily basis. This online task and project management tool is designed to help teams collaborate. It provides everyone involved in accomplishing a task with a workspace where they can add comments, upload documents, give and receive feedback, and evaluate performance measurements, all in a single point. Taskworld is set apart by its comprehensive performance measurement features. This includes on-time completions rates and satisfaction ratings. Traditionally task management tools provided managers with an overview of their tasks and projects. Managers can now lighten their load as Taskworld actually gives managers not only an overview, but also the ability to delegate tasks effectively, keep a track of all the changes taking place and provide high velocity feedback.

This allows managers to create an environment of accountability and high transparency in their teams or organizations. Taskworld is currently available to users for Free. A PRO and Enterprise version will be available soon. Each version contains features that cater to the needs of different users. Free users are able to collaborate with unlimited colleagues and effectively use the basic features of Taskworld. Pro users will have access to additional features and intelligent performance reports, making it an efficient business management system. Enterprise users will have far more control and visibility throughout their organization with reporting that will bring opportunities for improvement to the surface and provide a comprehensive evaluation system for each project and team member.

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