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Dedizierter Server (Private Cloud)
VPC Verbindungsspezifikationen
Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Dedicated Server (Private Cloud)

In addition to standard data security guidelines, a dedicated server gives you additional security options.

  • Custom domain like my-company-name.taskworld.com
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) compatible with SAML 2.0 or ADFS
  • Advanced password policies per your requirements
  • Two-factor authentication (Coming soon)
  • Choice from 23 geographic regions (data centers) worldwide:
  • Backups. Dedicated backups between multiple availability zones (physical locations in the same region) every day. This can be customized to your personal security requirements.
  • Dedicated resources. Our VPC solution has dedicated resources that are scaling with you. Depending on the size of your team, you will see the necessary resources increasing:
    • Small teams (up to 50 licences): 2 CPU Cores, 6-8GB RAM, 50GB of space
    • Medium teams (50-150 licences): 4 CPU Cores, 8GB Ram, 100GB of space
    • Large teams (starting with 150 licences): at least 4 CPU Cores, 12GB Ram, 250GB+ of space
  • Custom networking configuration
    • Virtual Private Network configuration (VPN)
    • IPs whitelisting - let us know from which IP ranges your users should be able to connect to your Taskworld application