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The Best Project Management Software for 2022

by: Tanta Noramon
The Best Project Management Software for 2022

With the start of the new year, companies and organizations have new plans and policies for better execution of projects and better processes. We have come up with a list of the best project management software for 2022 to improve your project management cycle and achieve success in your projects.

Before we move on to the list of best project management software, let’s first understand what project management software is.

What Is a Project Management Software?

Like other online collaborative apps, project management software is also an app that helps people in all project stages. All team members, stakeholders, and others involved in the project can log in to the app and figure out what needs to be done and when. The project management software allows the team members to record their progress of the project activities. They can even add notes. The management can keep track of the activities. After having the appropriate permission, the team members and stakeholders can look at what others are doing. The project management software creates a transparency system for all those involved in the project.

How to choose the best project management app?

While choosing the best project management apps, we considered their features. The app must allow the managers to manage team members, timelines, and budgets simultaneously. There are two types of apps, the first type is of those that manage specific projects while the second type is of that manages the ongoing work.

While picking the best project management software, it must include tools for tracking, scheduling, and organizing all project activities. Don’t confuse work-management apps with project management apps, which are two different things. For successfully implementing and closing a project, you must look for a project management app with all the needed features.

What makes a Project Management Software good?

Managing projects involves a lot of considerations, from tracking down deliverables to managing resources and budgets to collaborating with teammates. The same goes for when choosing a project management tool because there are a lot of functionality aspects that need to be considered. You certainly don’t want a project management software that doesn’t get the job done. 

Here’s a list of the top five things that you must consider when choosing project management software:

  1. Task lists – The project management software should have the task list feature. The project administrator should assign and update the status of tasks or project activities. All the team members will be aware of their roles and responsibilities. 
  2. Due Dates – The software should allow you to set up deadlines or milestones to guide and help team members stay on track. Team members should know when to complete a certain activity. Ideally, your software should also have reminders enabled to make sure you never miss a deadline. 
  3. File sharing – One of the essential components of a good project management app is the feature of file sharing. Through this, the project managers or team members are able to share and organize essential project files and documents. This allows easy access to important documents. 
  4. Communication – The app ends up being a platform where all the stakeholders can effectively communicate without jumping between applications. 
  5. Analytics – It’s important to be able to get a birds-eye view of how your teams are working. Project analytics allow project managers to see what’s underway, what’s due soon, what’s past due, and what’s already done. It’s a quick way to assess overall project health. 

There are hundreds of project management software and it is not easy to pick one. Without further ado, let’s move on to the list of project management software!

Top 6 Best Project Management Software for 2022

Here we have picked out the top 5 best project management software for 2022.


A picture of the Taskworld dashboard

Taskworld is an intuitive project management software founded by Fred Mouawad in 2012. 

Taskworld is known for its tremendous ease of use. Its top features are multi-location tasks, custom workflows, time tracking, collaboration, and analytics. They have access to a reporting dashboard that is capable of collecting data from various boards. This gives the users an edge to track progress. By using, the project managers can easily track timelines. 


  • An “all-in-one” software, meaning almost everything you need is within the platform
  • Built-in chat
  • Share tasks with multiple departments
  • Flexible plans for small teams to enterprise clients
  • Recently launched a Free Forever plan


  • Lacks some of the integrations other platforms have

First up we have, which is an award-winning project management software. Renowned companies have adopted this software across the world.

The unique feature of this software is that it is pretty customizable. Through this, the users can work on multiple methodologies and adopt various strategies for the project’s success. 

Another cool thing to mention about this software is that its integration includes multiple management apps such as Slack, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, GitHub, Trello, Dropbox, and others. is free for two users; however, the paid plan starts at $11 per month which is quite affordable as compared to others. 


  • Focuses more on collaboration 
  • Includes multiple supported integrations
  • Customizable to adjust various methodologies and strategies 
  • Visuals are quite helpful 


  • Its pricing may be complex for some users


We have Wrike on our list. It’s ideal for teams of 5 or more. Besides being highly configurable, it offers features such as dashboards and request forms. Users can customize it according to their needs.

 Workload views include traditional Gantt charts, interactive Kanban boards, and drag-and-drop Gantt charts, so users are free to choose how they visualize priorities. Task lists, subtasks, and schedules are all features of Wrike. It allows the users to share files, communicate in real-time and collaborate for project activities. The coolest thing about this software is that it gives insights to the users about their projects through performance reporting and resource management tools.

It is an easy-to-use software due to its simple yet intuitive interface. The project administrators or users of the software can easily switch between the home screen, dashboards, calendars, and other features. For beginners, it comes with a “Getting Started” guide to learn about the software and get trained to use it effectively. 

Additionally, Wrike offers a variety of specific solutions to fit the needs of different types of teams and organizations, including marketing teams and professional service teams. Since it comes with multiple templates, the users can try them for their strategies and processes. You’ll be stunned to find out that Wrike comes with 400+ pre-built integrations. These integrations include Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, and others. 

The pricing of this software starts at $9.80/user/month. A free version is available, and plans invite free external collaborators to a paid account.


  •  Data can be presented and viewed in multiple ways 
  • A holistic approach towards modeling tasks 
  •  Users can customize the software according to their need 


  • It doesn’t allow offline access


The forecast takes third place on our list of top 5 best project management software because of its convenient features.

The forecast is one of those popular project management software among the masses. It is currently used in 40+ countries for project management across the globe. It is popular because it is an all-in-one software that allows project and resource management. The software is designed to manage invoices, phases of the project, and it is also capable of predicting deadlines. 

It comes with a handful of technologically advanced features that make this software one of the best project management tools. The Auto-Schedule feature of this software is quite efficient in scheduling, providing estimates, and allocating resources to project activities. Within an instant, the user can adjust the plan of activities and resources. 

One of its distinct features is that it can automatically build budgets for projects. The budget includes key financial metrics to check the planned budget vs. the actual budget. Just like other project management software, you can also customize it. 

Several of Forecast’s integrations are turnkey, and there are also two-way synced integrations with Jira for market deployment. 

The cost of Forecast starts from $31.76/user per month which is quite expensive when compared with other project management software. However, the cost is definitely worth it because of its distinct yet technologically advanced features. 


  • Capable of managing resources of more than one project 
  • Allows you to plan projects easily


  • Expensive compared to other software


Then in the fourth place, we have FunctionFox for you all.  FunctionFox is a project management application for the creative industry, featuring tools designed to help you organize and track your work through interactive Gantt charts and calendars, manage your resources with actions and to-do lists, create detailed project schedules, and communicate and collaborate with one another. 

 The software FunctionFox is completely web-based. For this reason, it can be used by in-office users along with remote users to work together without any long-distance issues. 

With FunctionFox’s intuitive project scheduling tool, you can assign work to your team, set milestones, and schedule project meetings, while also allocating work to individual team members. Through this software, you can keep a track of your team member’s progress.  The project blog feature of this software helps your team communicate in real-time, and the Excel export feature makes it easy to generate comprehensive reports.

 Eleven though FunctionFox is comparatively an easier software to use, it comes with tutorials with which the beginners can learn to use it. It is more on the expensive side, however, it does make project management much more organized.  

The software is compatible with all modern web browsers, and the mobile apps for iPhones and iPads, and Androids let users schedule projects and monitor deadlines on the go.

The pricing of the FunctionFox software starts at $50 per month. 


  • Modern yet easy to use interface 
  • Built-in time tracking feature 
  • Reports can be created easily 


  • It does not come with any free plans


At last, we have Awork project management software on our list. With the software’s intuitive interface, creative and project teams can easily integrate Awork into their day-to-day workflow.

Awork enables you to organize tasks and tasks in to-do lists, create boards, manage resources, and collaborate with colleagues.

 Awork’s project management workflow integrates time tracking, so teams can monitor progress against project milestones and deadlines of project activities. This software consists of customizable reports through which teams can track their progress. Awork does not feature the capability of calculating charge rates or monetary budgets despite its direct integration with common billing tools.

 The interface of Awork makes it easy for anyone to use, including non-specialists, without requiring any project management knowledge. It comes with various integrations that include Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, OneDrive, Google Calendar, Office 365, and others.

Awork costs from $11.76/user per month, which is quite affordable. A 14-day free trial is also offered by work. 


  • The intuitive interface is quite easy to use 
  •  Smart time tracking features 


  • It can’t be customized

We hope that by going through our brief yet crisp analysis of each project management software, you will be able to get your hands on one of the best ones. We wish you good luck! 

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