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Taskworld – Now Free Forever

by: Mousab Hamada

When you hear the word “free”, it makes you think about what the true, hidden cost is. It’s not your fault, as the practice of “free” online, usually DOES come with something you’re not made aware of. 

We hate it too, but we also had a goal. Make Taskworld accessible to everyone, with the option to upgrade a plan. An easy-to-use, effective project management software.

That’s why we have a free plan, and we mean free. No credit or debit cards required, just your name, an email, a password, and that’s it. You’re in. You’re free to explore Taskworld.

Who the Free Plan is made for

Again, the free plan is free. For bigger businesses, there is a cost that unlocks things like integrations, technical support, and more users, but everything else is yours to use. We’re pretty confident in Taskworld, so we think giving you a “try before you buy” experience. But, in the case you want to stay on our free plan, who is it for?

Freelancers, small teams, and remote workers. If you’re a freelancer, we’ll happily allow you to use Taskworld to streamline your work processes, track your own time, and prioritize your tasks. 

If you’re a small team, maximum of 5, you can use all the chat functions we have, from project chat, task chat, and user chat, to make sure everyone has a place to focus their communications with. This includes the freelancer perks as well.

For remote workers, all of the above, yet you can access Taskworld from anywhere, as long as you have a device and an internet connection. 

Unlimited Tasks

It doesn’t matter what plan you’re on. Unlimited tasks mean unlimited tasks. What this means, for you, is that there is no end date for the free plan. You can use it forever, and we mean forever. 

With unlimited tasks, there’s no limit to how many projects you can list within Taskworld, meaning you can visually see your entire workflow, at a glance. 

When everything’s in front of you, you can see just how big that workload is, set priorities for each one, and assign your deadlines. This way, you’ll always know what to tackle first.

Don’t waste time learning new software.
Taskworld is the easiest Project Management Platform available!

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No credit card required

Real-Time Chat

As mentioned before, there are multiple different chats that you can take full advantage of, when working with a team. Being able to keep chat records separate from one another, is super useful for keeping the context of a task.

And yes, this is included in the free plan. There’s no obligation to upgrade if you don’t need to do it. Chats aren’t restricted. They’re free to use for as long as you need them. 

They also have popular functions, like mentions (@), emojis, and leaving comments rather than direct messaging. You’ll feel right at home if you’re an avid social media user. 

Data Security

Along with all the plans, your data has the same security as the most expensive plan. There’s no compromise, as we know how important data is to everyone who needs privacy. 

We host your data using Amazon Web Services, we back up your data through multiple locations, we give you VPC options, advanced privacy settings, encryption, privacy shield, and we follow GDPR. 

Don’t waste time learning new software.
Taskworld is the easiest Project Management Platform available!

Get started free
No credit card required

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