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Best Task Managment Apps of 2021

by: John Coburn
Best Task Managment Apps of 2021
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Best Task Management Apps for 2021

Do you have trouble completing the tasks on your to-do lists? 

Maybe you even have trouble putting together a list of responsibilities in the first place. 

If you often find yourself shuffling to complete your tasks in your day-to-day life and at work, you’ll almost certainly benefit from using a Task Management App.

What is a Task Management App?


It might be obvious, but a task management app is a software program – or application – that helps you manage all of the tasks that you have to fulfill in any day, week, month, or year. These applications are designed to help you organize your day, prioritize important activities, and track your progress throughout the day, week, or any set period of time. 

Whether you want to be more productive in your workday, get your personal goals together, or document how much you are improving at the gym, a task management app can be an essential tool. Most will allow you to set reminders, track progress, and communicate with any team members who are relevant to a certain project.

There is a wide range of task management apps available, and each of them has different features, strengths, and weaknesses. It is up to you to determine which is best for you, but there are a few that stand out as universally effective and respected.

The Best Task Management Apps for 2021


1. Taskworld

If you want an easy way to get into project management and organizing your teams, Taskworld is a sure bet. Taskworld helps users within and across teams to ensure work is being done with as little friction as possible. Taskworld has a quick, intuitive user interface meaning teams and new hires can ramp up quickly when needed. Beyond that, it’s designed to help teams scale by keeping things as simple as possible without sacrificing functionality. 

Taskworld’s clientele range from solopreneurs and consultants, all the way to multi-national hotel group like Accor.

Plans start from $10/m, but they also include VPC and On-Premise plans for larger organizations that require world-class security.

2. Evernote

Evernote has become the gold standard for many in the task management world, and it is easy to see why. The company was founded in 2000 and began offering mobile versions of its software as early as 2008, so there is no lack of experience in the development behind the app.

Part of the beauty behind Evernote is that it can integrate with other task management programs. If you love the interface of Evernote but need certain industry-specific features offered by other programs, you can use them both thanks to the seamless synchronization.

Evernote is strong enough on its own to keep smaller organizations on top of things, but its integration ability makes it a viable option for large corporations as well. It is easy to customize and tracks progress in real-time, so most users will be able to adapt to it quickly. The basic plan is free, and Evernote Business is only $14.99 a month, so it is a program that certainly won’t break the bank, even for individual users.

3. Sendtask

For organizations that require frequent collaboration between team members, customers, vendors, and suppliers, Sendtask is an excellent option. It may not have the in-depth features as something like Evernote, but its simplicity is one of the reasons it works.

Users can create tasks, reminders, and events and share them with other users in the group to ensure that any given project is running on schedule. These items can all be sent via Outlook, Gmail, or any other service that allows tasks and reminders. 

Sendtask allows for multiple groups, allowing you to manage several projects with unique group members at the same time. It can also be integrated with Slack for those who want access to even more communication avenues.

4. is an online application that specializes in task management and project collaboration. Anybody who has used Excel will appreciate the interface, but even those who aren’t spreadsheet gurus will be able to figure it out with minimal effort. The color coordination in the scheduling feature can really help with prioritization and organization. also has a variety of templates for projects, allowing managers to delegate certain tasks and set universal deadlines while staying in close communication with team members. The fact that it can integrate with a wide range of third-party platforms including Slack, Google Drive, and Outlook makes it one of the most well-rounded task management apps available.

5. Paymo

Although many companies had a significant remote workforce prior to 2020, the last year taught us that working from home may become the norm for years to come. Paymo is a fantastic app for organizations with a large remote workforce because it is cloud-based and is focused on aiding collaboration, communication, and reporting for remote teams.

Paymo is geared towards client-facing businesses that require transparency and real-time progress reports. It can also automate client invoicing, making it ideal for companies who don’t have time to generate manual invoices for a large customer base.

With a free plan and two paid options, there is a Paymo tier for everyone from sole proprietors to mid-sized companies.

6. Google Tasks

It’s no surprise that Google has a quality task management app built into its suite of programs, as the company has long been one of the most respected names in productivity and collaboration. Google Tasks may be a bit more barebones than other, more involved programs, but it gets the job done with ease and efficiency.

For companies already using Gmail or any number of Google Drive products, Google Tasks is a no-brainer. It is available for Android and iOS devices, so employees can collaborate from afar at any time they see fit. The learning curve is relatively small compared to some more complex programs, and it is free of much of the clutter that isn’t needed for firms that only require basic tasks.

7. Things

Judging by its name and its initial user interface, Things is an incredibly simple task management application. But as you dig deeper into the features you will quickly learn that is truly one of the most comprehensive to-do apps available. It walks a fine line where it is simultaneously easy to use and loaded with complex tasks and extra goodies. Things is perfect for planning your day and helping you execute your highly involved tasks with ease. 

One caveat is that Things is only available for Apple products (MacOS, iPhone, iPad) for the time being, so its use is probably limited to more creative industries or firms. But with the ability to integrate with Slack, Google, Evernote, and a seemingly endless catalog of other programs, it could be the perfect task management app for your team.

8. Toggl Plan 

If you are the type of person that is constantly switching between tasks and juggling responsibilities, Toggl Plan is the best app to help you stay organized and grounded. You can organize your tasks and meetings by department, subject, or date/time, helping you to focus on the most important tasks at hand. 

Toggl Plan lets you share your calendar with team members as well as your thoughts and ideas for upcoming meetings and projects. It is truly a well-designed application that can unjam even the most jammed schedules.

How Task Management Apps Can Improve Results 

If you are already working in a successful department or running a successful business, you may think that you don’t need some sort of program to help you stay organized. You may be able to maintain this level of success without them, but it is widely accepted that they can help you take the next step in growing your business.

By using a task management app, you can get rid of the messy post-it notes cluttered around your desks and throw away your paper planners. You won’t have to flip through hundreds of pages to find information about a project – instead you can search within the program to pull up a file in a matter of seconds.

Ultimately, task management apps are there to help increase the amount of time you have to focus on your core competencies. Instead of spending hours trying to schedule a meeting or put together slides, you can seamlessly collaborate with your teams and set scheduled times to go over projects. You can track your successes and failures, helping you to create a better idea of what you can do to improve in the future.

As your teams become more productive, you are guaranteed to notice an increase in profit – and isn’t that what every business is looking for? Programs that maximize your efficiency are designed to help you manage day-to-day operations so that you can spend more time developing long-term strategies and looking at the big picture. If you can get rid of the time spent cleaning up operations, you are more likely to experience more success in the long run.

Conclusion: Which App is Right for Me?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to task management apps, but the list above should give you an idea of some of the great options that are available. Of course, the best app for you will depend on your industry and style of management or work that you do.

Determine if you are more focused on collaboration between team members or if you need top-end transparency for your clients. Think about the aspects of your business – what are most important to you?

Answer that, and you can make a decision on the app that will bring the best results for your company. You may even decide to use several, especially those that can integrate with each other.

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