Success stories
Success stories

ASQ Homecare Provides Extraordinary Care to the Elderly with Taskworld

by: Shiv Sharma
ASQ Homecare Provides Extraordinary Care to the Elderly with Taskworld

After getting a science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Connecticut, Caleb Roseme worked as an engineer in QA and process engineering for 8 years.

He then made a startling career move.

Caleb left his engineering career to join his wife Samanta, a registered nurse and help accomplish the mission of providing older adults with high-quality caregivers, to keep them well cared for and safe at home. Thus, Assured Quality Homecare was born. 

ASQ Homecare is now Connecticut’s leading home care agency. It’s a nationally recognized Best of Homecare® Company, a three-time recipient of the Employer of Choice award and a two-time recipient of the Best of Readers Choice Top 3 Homecare Agency award. 

Caleb is currently the Director of Operations at Assured Quality Homecare. He is responsible for streamlining the company’s day-to-day operations. We had a chat with him to learn more about his team and how ASQ Homecare uses Taskworld to provide high-quality home care to the elderly. 


Caleb Roseme, Director of Operations at Assured Quality Homecare


  • What were the challenges that ASQ Homecare was facing?

Our agency lacked transparency, ownership, accountability, and clear communication at all levels. We were providing in-home care to more and more older adults at a rapid growth rate. Within a twelve-month period, our team grew from being just my wife and I and seven caregivers to a team of twenty-one caregivers and five additional office staff. 

We thought that hiring additional help would be enough to continue delivering on our promise to our clients and caregivers and we were wrong. We needed an improved framework that would allow us to continue promoting a culture of semi-autonomous, self-organizing, and cross-functional teams all working towards the goal of equipping and empowering our caregivers to provide high-quality in-home care to our older adults. 

  • Has Taskworld been successful in solving any of the challenges you faced previously?

Since implementing Taskworld, our transparency, accountability, ownership, and communication challenges have tremendously improved. We manage all of our core recruiting, billing, payroll, accounting, client lifecycle, inventory, onboarding, employee performance, marketing, team meetings, and small and large project processes within Taskworld and the list continues to grow. 

Taskworld has made it easy to cross-train on processes; provide visibility on the progress of a project or process; collaborate on complex processes such as recruiting or starting a new client; manage and hold each accountable for our daily workflow and responsibilities; and most importantly communicate, have fun, celebrate with each other consistently despite our fast-paced work environment. 


We have seen a quantitative improvement in our office staff training process, caregiver recruiting process, caregiver satisfaction, and client satisfaction. Prior to Taskworld, training any office staff on any of our processes required them to read and attempt to follow internal agency procedure manuals which at many times were outdated due to changes in our process or the technology. After placing our core processes within Taskworld, we have consistently cross-trained team members on complex processes such a billing within a week to two-weeks whereas it used to take two weeks to a month. The added benefit is that these processes are descriptive, interactive, always up to date, and improved upon each time we use them.

Since transition our caregiver recruiting process into Taskworld we have seen our application-to-hire speed for caregivers improve from 30-days to 10-days. This improvement has happened despite the fact that we have increased the requirements of the recruiting process and the number of people involved from two to five. We’ve also been able to completely revamp our recruiting process within one week three times last year which was not possible prior to Taskworld. 

Additionally, as we mentioned before, the ability to make small iterative changes to our process ensures we are constantly improving our recruiting process. We work with an independent satisfaction research firm to gather feedback from our caregivers and clients via live phone interviews each month. Because they are an independent company, they are able to collect honest and unbiased feedback. Since implementing Taskworld, our client satisfaction (Net Promoter Score, NPS) has improved from 3.5/10 to 9.2/10 and our caregiver satisfaction has improved from 5.3/10 to 8.3/10. Managing our processes within Taskworld has allowed us to consistently improve and deliver on our promise to clients and caregivers and they are speaking up about it. 

  • What is your favorite Taskworld feature and why?

Our favorite Taskworld feature is the “Chat” feature. We are constantly sharing news and information, problem-solving, giving feedback, poking fun, supporting, and celebrating with each other with the chat feature. 


Taskworld offers four different ways to chat (individual, group, projects, and tasks) and we use all of them to communicate with each other. 

When hiring new office staff, part of the interview process requires candidates to build a project using Taskworld and the only way they can communicate with us is by using Taskworld. It makes the interview process fun and extremely informative and everyone who accepts our job offer tell us that collaborating with us in Taskworld played a large part in their decision to join us because they got to know us on a personal level and felt like a part of the team.

  • Why did you choose Taskworld over its competitors? 

We evaluated 31 project management tools and chose Taskworld because it did not look intimidating to use, was easy to start using (within one hour of training), had a deep reservoir of features, and most importantly had a chat feature. The chat feature was the feature that ultimately sold us because we were looking for a software that would promote community across our organization and it did exactly that. Taskworld has become an integral part of our daily workflow because of its Chat feature and we are better because of it. 


  • What can be improved in Taskworld? Which features do you think it lacks? 

We don’t see any major need for improvements within Taskworld. It is easy to submit feature requests and their team provides a roadmap of improvements that are in process. So long as the Taskworld team is continuously improving upon Taskworld, this software will always be cutting edge and up to date. 

  • Would you recommend Taskworld to other managers?

Absolutely. It is a fun and extremely powerful tool to use within your organization and their customer service team is phenomenal. We get responses to our questions within an hour and any issues that require further research or feature updates are always followed up with after they are completed. 

Thank you Caleb for giving us time and trusting Taskworld to get work done. Kudos to the entire team at Assured Quality Homecare for all the work you do fo the elderly. 

To learn more about ASQ Homecare, please visit or connect with them on Facebook

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